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Our Mission and Vision

The Knowledge Shop Los Angeles was created for parents and their children from Black and Brown communities. Enabling access to educational services that assist in the empowerment and educational development of their children. For many years, middle-class families all over the globe have provided their children with additional extracurricular support services to ensure that their children either succeed in the educational system or gain additional opportunities for entering university.

To develop the 'Whole Child Concept' at The Knowledge Shop, parents have to be:

  1. Trained, supported and educated in how to navigate school systems

  2. Be able to understand the children they have brought into the world

  3. More importantly, ensure that they and their children can achieve their full potential.

It's been very easy for families who know how to achieve this to pass it on to their children's children.

The Black and Brown communities who we are trying to serve have little or no experience in this model. For many who come to this country for the ‘American Dream’, they quickly realize that this is easier to achieve, if they understand how to ensure that their children are going to be properly educated. They are slowly beginning to understand this is something they must learn how to do. Parents have many choices in education today; public school, charter school, independent school, faith school, magnet, gifted, sector driven schools like STEM, dual language, etc. You already have this many choices in selecting the right type of school for your child, on top of which, you must make sure they do well every day that they are there, it is very much a given now that you need to be taught how to make sure that this will work for both you and your child.

The Knowledge Shop was developed to encompass all this information, provide guidance and programs that would enable success for both child and parent. The first center was launched in July 2015 in Mid-City Los Angeles, California. It is now based in South Central Los Angeles, California in an area dominated by African American and Latino businesses. There is no business like it in the vicinity. Most of the businesses are churches, food establishments, retail and Auto shops and there has been an influx of marijuana dispensaries!

Every parent and child who enters The Knowledge Shop will succeed. For us, failure is not an option!


Yolande Beckles

Carlton Porter

Sandy Love

Diandra Beckles

Jamiealita Johnson

Euan Beckles


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VELA Edcuation Fund

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Our Founders

Yolande Beckles (CEO/Co-Founder) & Carlton Porter (President/Co-Founder)