Sunday Piano Lessons

Program Overview

  • K-12th Grade

  • Classical music lessons and coaching

  • Performance technique

  • Music theory

  • Music history and appreciation

  • Sight-reading techniques

  • Basic composition & arranging

  • Early childhood development & enrichment

  • Lessons on music composition are upon request


Program Description

Music plays such an important role in the development of a child's brain that we felt compelled to add it to our program at The Knowledge Shop following our partnership with USC this summer in 2021. Every Sunday from 1pm - 7pm The Knowledge Shop host’s the Sound of Music. Our piano donated by Dr Assal Habib, Assistant Professor at University of Southern California, is played by the tiny hands of our students. Classes take place for either one hour or 30 minutes. That decision is made by parents and children. We provide the music books too. The cost is $50 for one hour or $25 for 30 minutes. Miss Kenedea taught this year's Summer Camp Music Program and is a member of our community.


Kenedea Lee is a pianist, composer, and educator. She began her classical training at the age of nine. She received her B.A. at UCLA’s Herb Alpert School of Music in Spring of 2021. During this time, she studied privately with Sanaz Rezai. Throughout her musical career she has had the opportunity to perform for the UCLA Chancellor's recital, concerts in the UCLA Schoenberg building, music competitions, and other various events. She also served as the pianist for the UCLA contemporary jazz ensemble and the UCLA global jazz improvisation ensemble. Beyond piano performances, she established ground within the third stream composition realm. She is a commissioned composer, has arranged pieces for the UCLA jazz orchestra, the UCLA Spring Sing competition, and has been featured in the UCLA winter showcase.