Summer Camp 2022

Our 7th Summer Camp is just on the horizon!

"The summer camp your kids will want to go to every year".

-quote by Brad Peterson, a Parent at TKS for Six Consecutive Years

Welcome to Summer Camp 2022! We are excited to show you what The Knowledge Shop LA can offer your family this summer. Our camp is committed to meeting all of your child's needs fulfilled through our; extensive, relaxing, academic, and fun program! We will make sure your little one is not only engaged, but ahead of the curve once their academic term resumes.

Take your time to check out what we are offering this year, and we hope to see you this summer!

*At the end of the page you will find our application that allows you to process your details and payment directly to us online. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to call us at 323-903-6486, or email us at (PLEASE NOTE, you must fill out an application PER CHILD you would like to attend this year's Summer Camp).

What can you expect for your little ones during camp?

Check out our Summer Camp Trailer

Some photos capTured by our interns and students!

How do I purchase additional weeks for summer camp?

Pay as you please! If you have already completed an application and registration for your child(s), feel free to renew your Week(s) through our store below.