Science Saturday Labs

Program Overview

  • K-12th Grade

  • STREAM learning-based classes

  • Teachers with high-level degrees in their field

  • Partnerships with specialized online programs

  • Great for students seeking support

  • Weekend and Summer Camp focused


Program Description

The S in STREAM stands for science and Science makes up part of our essential program list at The Knowledge Shop. We believe that many Black and Brown students do not have a comprehensive science curriculum at some schools so we decided to supplement that in our own extracurricular programs. We’ve partnered with online programs like ‘Demo Chicks’ and ‘Maker Space’.

Moreover, we have an extensive support program with the University of Southern California; Dr. Assal Habibi PhD, Assistant Research Professor of Psychology, USC Brain and Creativity Institute. Her team provides the opportunity for collaboration and partnership with Post-Doctoral students, and provides The Knowledge Shop with classes based on the learning and research that they do. The workshops take place during our Summer Camp programs or on our Saturday monthly extracurricular classes every quarter.

USC Brain & Music Lab Child Development Video

From Our Partners at the USC Brain and Creativity Institute:

"Welcome to the Brain & Music Lab at USC's Brain & Creativity Institute. Our group is interested in the interdisciplinary study of music, psychology, and neuroscience. We employ techniques such as Electroencephalography (EEG), functional, structural, and diffusion-weighted neuroimaging (MRI), and psychometric measures to answer a wide variety of questions related to how music listening and playing interacts with and influences the brain throughout the lifespan."

"Artists, philosophers, and scientists have long sought to explain human nature. Fresh insights from biology and from the functioning of the human brain provide new opportunities for uncovering the basis for a large array of mental functions — from feeling, consciousness, and decision-making to the creativity expressed in the arts, sciences and technology. Under the direction of Antonio Damasio and Hanna Damasio, current research at the Brain and Creativity Institute includes, among others, projects on (1) the effects of music processing on the developing brain, (2) studies on how the brain organizes narratives, and (3) the investigation of feeling and consciousness in humans and machines. Results from the Institute's ongoing work have applications in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders, child development, and education. They are all relevant to the elucidation of the human condition. The design of the Brain and Creativity Institute (BCI) reflects its mission. It sits next to the modern laboratories of the Dornsife Neuroimaging Center (DNI), which are dedicated to the scientific investigation of mind and brain, and to one of the oldest instruments dedicated to the exploration of the human mind: a classical auditorium devoted to music and theater performances, literary readings, and scientific presentations."