Family and Community Teaching Summit: Black Educators Transforming Our Notions of Math Excellence

Saturday, February 25, 2023 | 8am - 5pm


Become a math expert

The Knowledge Shop LA is proud to kick off 2023 with our annual math Summit, designed for Students, Teachers, Parents, Family Educators invited to learn together and collaboratively develop action plans to promote math excellence for Black and Brown students.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from some of the county's finest Education experts with over 18 different workshops being held throughout the day.

Spots for the conference are limited to 200 attendees on a first come, first served basis.

We are offering an initial Earl-Bird rate of $99.99, please use our link here to grab a ticket TODAY!

Our team at The Knowledge Shop LA look forward to seeing you at this wonderful experience!

*The price will become $149.99 after Jan 31st

“The Summit that will bring together Parents, Educators, & Students to look at strategies that have helped Black children become brilliant Mathematicians”.

Our Keynote Speakers


Dr. Shakiyya Bland, EdD

Math Educator in Residence, Just Equations

Dr. Shakiyya Bland is a longtime math educator and curriculum specialist with deep experience in culturally responsive education. She was an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow in 2020-22, serving in the U.S. Congress and U.S. Department of the Interior. A consulting educator, she has over 27 years of experience in math instruction, in roles including PreK-12 mathematics educator, district mathematics curriculum instructional learning coach, and certified Courageous Conversations About Race practitioner. Her curriculum unit, which applies geometric modeling to address food apartheid and promote food security, was published in High School Mathematics Lessons to Explore, Understand, and Respond to Social Injustice. She also has written culturally responsive lessons, strategies, and research in partnership with BetterLesson, Inc. Master Teacher Project and Balance the Equation: A Grand Challenge for Algebra 1. Her research focuses on the histories of STEM using Africana, Indigenous, and other culturally responsive ways of contributing to and applying scientific and mathematical literacies. She holds a B.S. in Education, M.A. in Education–Curriculum Instruction and Mathematics, and an Ed.D. in Education Leadership. Shakiyya joined Just Equations as Math Educator in Residence in 2022.


Dr. Kyndall Brown, PhD

Executive Director, California Mathematics Project Statewide Office, UCLA

Kyndall Brown holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from UC Irvine, masters degrees in computer-based education and mathematics education from CSU Dominguez Hills, and a Ph.D. from UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. He also has a single subject credential to teach mathematics in the state of California.

Kyndall has over 35 years of experience in the field of mathematics education. Thirteen of those years were spent teaching mathematics in secondary urban classrooms in Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). He has taught at both the Middle and High School levels. He has taught everything from pre-algebra to pre-calculus. Most of his students came from low-income communities with large numbers of English language learners.

He provided professional development as a mathematics teacher consultant and director for the UCLA Mathematics Project (UCLAMP) housed in Center X, a unit of UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information Studies for 14 years. In that capacity, he has done workshops at schools on strategies to teach mathematics to English language learners, coached mathematics teachers in Center X partnership schools and districts, and directed leadership institutes for teachers of mathematics. As a mathematics resource teacher in LAUSD, he has helped to implement standards-based mathematics programs in secondary schools.

Conference Itinerary

8am - 9am: Registration & Breakfast

9am - 9:30am: Presentation of ‘The Knowledge Shop’s Los Angeles Math Data Report’

  • Presented by Yolande Beckles, Gabriela Mitchell, Joshua Montefalcon

In this presentation, participants will learn about seven principles of the ICUCARE Framework. Participants will learn specific strategies related to each principle that teachers can use to make their mathematics classrooms more equitable.

9:30am - 10:15am: "Seven Principles to Make Your Math Class More Equitable"

  • Presented by Kyndall Brown

In this workshop, participants will learn what it means to use culturally relevant curricula in a mathematics class. Participants will engage in a culturally relevant mathematics task. Participants will practice taking a cognitively demanding math task and making it more culturally relevant.

10:15am - 10:30am: Coffee, Water, and Cookies

10:30am - 12pm: Morning Workshop Breakout Sessions

1. Breakout Session

“Creating Culturally Relevant Math Tasks is Easier Than You Think”

Presented by Kyndall Brown

  • In this workshop, participants will learn what it means to use culturally relevant curricula in a mathematics class. Participants will engage in a culturally relevant mathematics task. Participants will practice taking a cognitively demanding math task and making it more culturally relevant.

2. Breakout Session

“Affirming Black Students' Lives: What Districts Can Do”

Presented by Ma Bernadette Andres-Salgarino, Ed.D.

  • Strong, healthy, and systematic school, family, and community partnerships are essential to affirm Black students’ lives! This presentation will provide parents, guardians, students, and educators with strategies and resources to improve students’ engagement in Mathematics and Literacy.

3. Breakout Session

“It's All About Black Math Genius”

Presented by Sankofa Club

4. Breakout Session

“Culturally Relevant Math Resources for the Classroom”

Presented by (TBA)

5. Breakout Session

“GAMEFAST FM! Stands for: Generations, Across, Mathematics, Empowering, Families, And, Shared, Thoughts, For, Math!”

Presented by Gabriela Mitchell

Empower Black and LatinX students and their families through stories that highlight African and Aztec contributions to mathematics. In this session, participants will explore free online resources developed by The Knowledge Shop LA for engaging students and families with these affirming cultural stories that have supported growth in mathematical achievement for historically underserved students. Resources include lesson plans and family activities from elementary through high school aligned with Common Core State Standards.

6. Breakout Session

“Power of Algebra”

Presented by The Algebra Project, UCLA

7. Breakout Session

“Deeper Math Thinkers, Problem Solvers, Critical Thinkers”

Presented by Black Women Rock Math

8. Breakout Session

“Panel of Black Students Share Their Stories”

Presented by (TBA)

12:15pm - 1:15pm: Keynote Address & Lunch

“Harmonic Convergence: The Power of One”

Presented by Shakiyya Bland

1:30pm - 3:00pm: Afternoon Workshop Breakout Sessions

9. Breakout Session

“Converse to Transverse: Workshop”

Presented by Shakiyya Bland

Policies, programs, and practices must be identity-affirming and center on academic success for children; otherwise, a specific intervention ends when the person who leads it leaves or the funding stops. Come prepared to engage and draft action plans addressing: What questions, policies, and practices construct education for liberation?

10. Breakout Session

“NAAAPY Panel: Black Parent Power”

Presented by (TBA)

11. Breakout Session

“Best Practices for Fostering Relationships Among Math Educators and Black Families”

Presented by Black Women Rock Math

12. Breakout Session

“Fostering AfroLatinx Students' Success”

Presented by (TBA)

13. Breakout Session

“Successful School and Family Partnerships for Black and Brown Students”

Presented by Teneh Waller-Melissa

14. Breakout Session

“Authentic Family Partnerships in the California Math Framework”

Presented by Araceli Simeon

15. Breakout Session

“Making Gifted Black Children Count”

Presented by (TBA)

16. Breakout Session

“Technology to Support Math Learning at Home”

Presented by Emily Young

3pm - 3:15pm: Coffee, Water, and Cookies

3:15pm - 5pm: Families, Students, and Educators Setting an Action Plan for 2023-24

5pm - 5:30pm: Conference Closing

  • Presented by Yolande Beckles & Gabriela Mitchell