Day School Program

Program Overview

  • K-12th Grade

  • All-day program for children and students (8am-7pm)

  • Freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and supper

  • Complete technology package with access to; high-speed internet, laptops, and tablets

  • Perfect for parents needing an enriching environment for their children during the pandemic

  • Safe and clean community of peers for your children


Program Description

In 2020 our work changed its focus from our After School Program to a Day School Program because of the global pandemic! Many parents, scared and fearful, started to contact us about the education of their children, as they were extremely concerned of the lack of comprehensive teaching and instructional curriculum during this difficult time.

First, we began offering Pandemic Pods following the CDC’s guidance for staying protected from the virus. Many of our students did not have digital devices like Chromebooks and iPads at home, and were struggling to learn because they had to share either a phone or tablet with another sibling, or even their own parents. When some schools were finally able to provide the devices needed for learning came the second problem of students having bad, or no internet connectivity at all. Hence our second program responding to our families' need for Day school.

We still provide Day School because we are not out of the pandemic yet! Some schools refuse to let children come to school with a runny nose yet their parents have to go to work, so they bring them to The Knowledge Shop. Other parents have chosen homeschool for their children, so they bring them to The Knowledge Shop. Most schools operate on different calendars and parents have to go to work, so they bring them to The Knowledge Shop.

We now have a complete Day Curriculum so learning takes place from 8am - 7pm. They have had breakfast, lunch, and supper by the time their parents pick them up, also having completed a full school and after-school day. It's a win-win for everyone!