Coding Bootcamp

Coming 2022

Program Overview

  • K-12th Grade

  • Hands-on technology and software based course

  • Advanced child-friendly digital learning

  • Access to high-performance laptops and tablets

  • Teachers with countless amounts of experience

  • Coding development in early ages

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Program Description

The Knowledge Shop has been teaching technology since its inception. Our STREAM program has always involved the use of technology at its core method of teaching before the pandemic. Our early partnerships began with Microsoft Youth Summer Camps and Apple Camps, both providing our students with insights into the very fast moving world of applications, software and hardware. During the pandemic, Microsoft closed our favorite summer camp store and we were chosen as the very fortunate recipient of 30 Surface Pro laptops for our students and staff to use.

In January 2022 we are launching our Coding Bootcamp program with ‘Brite’, a company that designs programs for non-profits like ours.

We are very excited for this collaboration and partnership as it allows us to bring all the development, training, and education we have developed in the past 6 years, straight to The Knowledge Shop.

Get ready for 2022 and look out for a flyer!