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Join us this Saturday At our Community workshop partnership with Reimagine

This weekend we will be making cranes for those we have loved and loss. Come and join us in our event partnership with Reimagine! The event is this Saturday, September 24th 2022 from 12-4pm at Hot and Cool in Leimert Park. Our upmost appreciation to Karla from the Memorial Crane Project.

Non-Profit secondary education resource 


The Knowledge Shop LA

Where Parents And Students have come to Learn for 7 years.


Non-Profit Organization Based in Los Angeles, California

The KNOWLEDGE SHOP was created so that families in disadvantaged communities could get access to educational services that would assist in the empowerment and educational development of their children. For many years, middle class families from all over the world have provided their children with additional extracurricular services to ensure that they succeed in the education system and gain additional opportunities to boost their university applications. To develop their child, Parents have to be trained, supported and educated on how to navigate school systems. They also have to understand the child they have brought into the world to ensure that they can achieve their full potential.

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We offer PICK-UP and DROP OFF SERVICES for families to ensure proper and secured transportation for our students!

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