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Discover Yourself Now

You are proudly invited to kick off 2023 with our new pilot program with Discover Yourself Now (DYN). The program is designed for students ages 10 and up and will take place from; Thursday, January 19th to Sunday, - January 22nd.

Students will have the opportunity to work with some of the best teachers in the United States to develop skills such as coping strategies, stress management, financial literacy, social emotional learning, being an active community member, and freelancing. Students who apply and attend all training sessions throughout the four-day program will receive a $100 Amazon gift card for their participation.

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The KNOWLEDGE SHOP was created so that families in disadvantaged communities could get access to educational services that would assist in the empowerment and educational development of their children. For many years, middle class families from all over the world have provided their children with additional extracurricular services to ensure that they succeed in the education system and gain additional opportunities to boost their university applications. To develop their child, Parents have to be trained, supported and educated on how to navigate school systems. They also have to understand the child they have brought into the world to ensure that they can achieve their full potential.

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